Santa Safari

Santa Safari


Welcome to Santa Safari at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Step into the enchanting world of the Santa Safari Fun Run, hosted amidst the wondrous backdrop of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and generously supported by Curlys to benefit our friends at the Wildlife Foundation.


Discover a Festive Adventure

An exciting 3k adventure where you can walk, jog, wheel (whether in a chair or with a buggy), or even run along a specially crafted festive route that winds through Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


Meet Extraordinary Creatures

Embark on a magical safari journey that leads you to visit an array of remarkable creatures, including Sea Lions, Gelada Monkeys, Hyenas, Leopards, Giraffes, Rhinos, Zebras, Wallabies, Polar Bears, Tigers, and even brings you face to face with lifelike Dinosaurs!


Dress Up and Join the Fun

Embrace the festive magic and come dressed up in your favourite Christmas attire or channel your inner animal spirit (just like us)! Whether you’re Santa’s little helper or a wild creature from the wilderness, we invite you to unleash your creativity.


Thank You for Your Support

We are truly grateful for your participation and support in making this Christmas season special for our amazing animal friends at the WildLife Foundation. Your presence helps us make a difference.

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