Asia is the world’s largest continent, and has a huge diversity of incredible habitats, from Arctic tundra to tropical forests, coral reefs to some of the highest mountains in the world!

Because of this, the continent has a pretty impressive array of animals, too. From Indian elephants to Pandas, all of the animals who live there are really special, and unique!

Asia also has a population that is growing really fast. The economy is changing loads too, which is putting pressure on the environment and lots of the region’s habitats. The animals there need our help to protect their homes.

Our work in Asia also shows you the different ways that we work with partner organisation, protecting animals that need our help in captivity, and also in the wild.

Where we work

Our work in Asia has taken place in Japan and in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Our projects

Protecting Wild Camels:

WildLife Foundation work with Wild Camel Protection Foundation to fund an environmental education programmes for communities who live near to their breeding centre, through schools and an education centre. Getting the support of local communities so that they want to help protect their camelid neighbours is crucial to the survival of Wild Camels.

Saving Ussuri Brown Bears:

We worked with our partners Wild Welfare to improve the welfare standards of three Ussuri brown bears called Riku, Kai, Hanako and Amu. They were moved 5,400 from less-than-ideal conditions in Japan to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to live in a special Rescue and Rehabilitation Reserve. The bears were cared for through a specially planned nutrition and enrichment programme. Their story helped raise awareness for bear welfare and conservation, in captivity and in wild.

Our Partners:


Wild Camel Protection Foundation

is the only environmental charity in the world dedicated to protecting the critically endangered wild camel and its habitat in the fragile and unique desert ecosystems in the Gobi desert in north-west China and south-west Mongolia.

Wild Welfare

work to improve animal welfare for all species held in zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries, working with facilities, not against them, to help support long term change in animal care.

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