A silent extinction
How many are left in the wild?
% reduction since the 1980s
Number of countries in which they’re extinct
Giraffes need our help! Many people don’t know they’re endangered, after all, they’re very good at looking after themselves. They can spot predators from miles away with their long necks and they can reach leaves and fruits which are out of reach from most grazing animals.

But you want to know a giraffe’s number one predator? Humans! The combined impacts of habitat loss, climate change, human population growth, poaching, disease and war have threatened the giraffe population.

Our friends at Giraffe Conservation Foundation have been working hard to help giraffes, but when it comes to conservation, they compete with other animals for awareness and funding. When you visit the giraffes at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, you can donate to WildLife Foundation, who work with Giraffe Conservation Foundation to help giraffe in the wild.


Habitat degradation and destruction:

An increasing human demand for land for agriculture and industry has meant giraffe populations has become isolated, meaning a limit of the flow and exchange of genetic diversity between populations.

Human-Giraffe conflict:

Giraffes are also sometimes the cause of crop loss and damage, sadly this has led to conflict with humans, as well as potential disease transmission from habitat sharing with domestic livestock.

Hunting and poaching:

Giraffes are not typically presented as an animal that is at risk of poaching but are in fact poached for their pelts as well as their meat.

Working with


WildLife Foundation are regular supporters of Giraffe Conservation Foundation!

Fundraising at Yorkshire Wildlife Park for WildLife Foundation

When you visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park, you’re also helping to fund projects all over the world! We fundraise for Giraffe and Lions at the park, via the donation stations near their enclosures, or through special events like keeper talks. We then provide funds for some of our partners, like Giraffe Conservation Foundation or Fauna and Flora International, so they can put them to good use taking care of these animals.


Many people think that there is only one Giraffe species, but did you know there are actually FOUR giraffe species and several subspecies?

Giraffes only drink once every few days – even when water is readily available, many giraffes don’t drink – like at all.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

We provide funds to support our partners Giraffe Conservation Foundation or Fauna and Flora International and their projects in Africa.

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