Tips and tricks to tackle climate change at home

Today marks International Day of Climate Action and whilst billionaires are looking up at the stars, we’re committed to making a difference to planet earth on the ground! Following last week’s presentation of The Earthshot Prize, let’s strike whilst the iron is hot and think about how we can all protect and preserve the environment, and do our bit to prevent climate change… all from our homes!

So, here’s our quick how to guide to crack climate change with easy tips and tricks!

Tips and tricks to tackle climate change at homeCan’t avoid buying non-recyclable plastics? It’s tricky! Although some supermarkets are making great efforts to use only re-usable and recyclable items, sometimes you end up with waste that can’t be put in your recycling bin!

So, here’s a top tip, if you have any plastic waste you can’t reuse, instead of putting it directly in the bin fill these up in a used plastic juice carton, for example a squash bottle! This helps to decompress the amount of space free plastic takes up. Plus, this also helps animals such as sea turtles who can get trapped in free plastic in the oceans. Long story short: the less free plastic, the fewer sea turtles can be killed on Principe Island where our partners Fundacao Principe work.

Plus, there’re loads of ways to reuse empty juice bottles… you can make them into a watering can or even hanging plant pots! Or, prevent using water bottles at all and buy reusable metal water bottles.

Tips and tricks to tackle climate change at homeGet those steps in!

After being stuck indoors for on/off 18-months, we all could do with getting outside on our feet! Why not set yourself a new walking challenge and get so many steps in per week? This is a great alternative to using cars and adding to emissions in the atmosphere which create air pollution. What’s more, it would make for an excellent fundraising activity for WildLife Foundation. Set a challenge, set up a fundraising page and get some boots made for walking!

Switch off your switches!

Your household can become much more energy efficient by switching off all appliances! Not only is this better for your devices, but leaving switches on contributes to environmentally un-friendly energy usage. By turning off all switches and appliances, C02 emissions will be reduced which is good for the environment but also reduces running costs, which is good for the consumer.

You can become even more energy efficient by following our 18°C or Below campaign, created by ourselves here at WildLife Foundation. By ensuring your thermostat is 18 degrees or below, you can reduce a huge amount of C02 emissions that would otherwise be wasted. We could see polar bears vanish completely unless we make big changes to our emissions. As a species listed as vulnerable by the IUCN, polar bears rely on sea ice to hunt seals, but this is disappearing due to global warming. So, turn that thermostat down and help us help polar bears!

Tips and tricks to tackle climate change at home

Turn off the taps!

Washing your teeth, dishes and clothes is a key part of lots of families’ lives but you can still do this sustainably. Make sure to turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and only wash dishes and clothes when the dishwasher and washing machine is full. This is a great way to save costs and water. Even though we experience a great deal of rainfall in the UK, many areas also experience droughts. Remember, climate change doesn’t spread evenly!

This is a huge concern for places like the Amazon Rainforest. Giant Otters, who live in the Araguaia River in the Cantao State Park in Brazil, near to the Amazon Basin, could be affected by water shortages. Indeed, Giant Otters rely on fish the river’s stocks to make sure they have plenty to eat! With threats from fish poachers making Giant Otters mealtimes even harder, a lack of water and lack of fish would make eating impossible.

Tips and tricks to tackle climate change at home

So let’s do our bit from the comfort of our homes to make a difference!

You can find out more about WildLife Foundation work and other conservation projects by clicking here.

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