COVID Animal Conservation Campaign


About our COVID animal appeal

We’ve launched our 2021 charity appeal to raise vital funds following the COVID pandemic. The WildLife Foundation COVID Animal Conservation Appeal aims to raise £50,000 to support projects to save species including Polar Bears, Amur Tigers, Giant Otter, Hunting Dogs and Black Rhinos.

Visitors to the award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park donate tens of thousands of pounds to support these projects every year, but these have ceased due to its temporary closure in the latest covid lockdown. Now our appeal, backed by the park, has been set up to ensure all the conservation projects have the funds to keep going.

WildLife Foundation Trustee Cheryl Williams, said:


“The ongoing lockdowns have had a significant impact on income for WildLife Foundation. At the same time many of the projects we support have been impacted by COVID, with a lack of volunteers, funding and local issues creating pressures. This is creating the perfect storm with them and why we have decided to set up this appeal.


We really hope everyone continues to get behind us with this appeal which will make such a huge difference to all of our animal projects that are in real need of funding.”


To donate £1, text WildLife Foundation21 to 70201

To donate £3, text WildLife Foundation21 to 70331

To donate £5, text WildLife Foundation21 to 70970

To donate £10, text WildLife Foundation21 to 70191

COVID Animal Conservation Campaign

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